My Journey

Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey.

Global IT leader and well-known entrepreneur Bikram Dasgupta touches lives through socially and culturally relevant sustainable platforms in his bid to ‘Give Back to Society.’ BDG’s phenomenal journey from IIT to working with top IT giants to turning into a global entrepreneur building a business empire, was not by sheer luck. Rather, he kept moving, like the floating clouds, discovering new horizons. His journey is inspirational for the youths of today and he enjoys every bit of it, as he embarks on a new trajectory of his philanthropic mission. He chose a new chapter, for Life is Transient and BDG teaches all ‘How to Be the Change’ yourself.
 Kalyani Covid Fight
You can still make something beautiful and something powerful even in the middle of a really bad situation. And that’s what our mentor Bikram Dasgupta always taught us. As whole of India and the world fights COVID-19 pandemic, Kalyani Foundation, an arm of BDG Foundation has come forward to help the society fight the deadly disease in various ways. From major fundraising Covid fight program with leading corporate houses to provide oxygen concentrators, ventilators and beds for COVID-19 patients in dire need of oxygen throughout India to providing special Kalyani COVID Fight survival and medical kits to the elderly of old age homes, Kalyani Foundation is there to help in every crisis. Our volunteers are visiting old age homes across West Bengal, providing specially designed kits containing sanitizers, gloves, masks etc along with oxygen concentrators, oxy-meters, thermal guns to the residents, who are old and needy and hardly have anyone to buy them these survival kits. They too have a right to live and fight this disease that threatens the elderly population to a large extent.
We need to fight COVID-19 crisis together! Join us!
If you wish to donate write to us at Or call us at +91-9831431346.

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Legends Never Die

  • Pravin Gandhi

    (Former chairman and co-founder Hindtron; former director, Digital Equipment Corp.; entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and an icon of the Indian IT industry)

    Dada, as I have known him, has always been a big thinker and a great executioner of big ideas. The deal with Dell is an example of that. He was a great believer in creating brands and he continues doing that in his new ventures post PCL. I had met him during the PCL days and while I had no business dealings with him, I was impressed with his salesmanship. Here was a guy, very charming and yet an aggressive sales person. We have been friends ever since. I consider it a privilege to have known him and Ranjana as friends. Honest, well-meaning and a good human being.

  • Ashwini Talwar

    (Former executive director of PCL, Ashwini worked with Bikram during his PCL days)

    Rajasthan, a border state on the western fringes of India, has always been a land fiercely proud of its independence. By the 16th century, its frontiers were being slowly eroded from the pressure exerted by the marauding Mughal warriors who ruled vast tracts of India from Delhi. In the midst of this crisis arose a hero from the dunes of Rajasthan to rally its people under his banner. Endowed with an indomitable spirit, RanaPratap was a formidable warrior and thought nothing of facing up to his biggest enemy—Akbar, the great Mughal emperor. RanaPratap remains a revered name in modern India. This is how I would like to introduce BikramDasgupta. He never shied away from action and was single-handedly responsible, with limited resources at his command, for the PCL-Dell joint venture in India. It was one of the first such partnerships in the Indian information technology industry and his setting up of the export division was another great achievement. I would consider BDG as the shining star of the IT industry of his era.

BDG Blogs

Blogs that inspire. From the pages of BDG’s Daily Diary

  • My Journey to the Infinite

    I Gave Up My Fears, Can you?

    My journey of life has always opened up new dimensions, teaching me to accept, learn and
    grow. It is simply fascinating. Many times, we are so engrossed in our own fixed thinking of right and wrong, that we even doubt our own growth potential….

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  • Create Equitable Society

    Through continuous innovations

    I can only speak for myself, but I believe most of us, with similar background and experiences might reach similar conclusions in life. Once you have invested all your time, energy and experience, over a large number of years, say, 30+ into your entrepreneurial journey…

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  • Ambiguity – Thy Name is Enigma

    Tolerate it, Embrace it, Learn From It

    “Sorry, I didn’t think of it THAT way…..
    For me ambiguity is always enigma. All plausible interpretations are highly welcome, more is merrier. So how do you look at it? As a stimulus? A neutral learning curve or a threat?

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Off Route

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference

After a successful professional journey, BDG changes trajectory and treads the Road Not Taken. He wants to give back to the society through sustainable unique models like Calcutta Broadway, Kalyani Foundation and Social Capital.
  • Kalyani Foundation – Touching Human Lives

    Kalyani - a Bikram Dasgupta initiative is a revolutionary concept in Old age care Kolkata and Care for the Mentally Challenged, designed to create a more equitable social fabric around us. The BDG Foundation has been named after BDG's mother Kalyani - one who has been the biggest source of inspiration in his life. He has picked up areas very close to his heart in an endeavour to fulfil the needs of people whose lives are less fortunate than ours. Charity including the popular 'Feed The Poor' scheme fed thousands of migrant labourers in South India during COVID-19 Lockdown.

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  • Calcutta Broadway – Philanthropy in the realm of Performing Arts

    Calcutta Broadway is a unique platform where Bikram Dasgupta brings in a Unique form of Philanthropy in the realm of Music, Theatre and Performing arts. A realm where cultural heritage of Bengal blends with contemporary fusion music, theatre and art along with BDG's wish to bring to a larger audience the budding artistes as part of Youth Channelization Kolkata. The free BROADWAY HEALTH CARD looks after the medical needs of the artistes and their families.

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  • BDG Angels –Investment Philosophy

    Bikram Dasgupta believes that technology plays a disruptive role in how we interact with the world, produce products or services, transact and drive efficiencies. Hence, he invests both actively and passively during various phases of a start up's lifecycle, those that are innovative, technology driven, product or service and are looking for investors. BDG Angels plays a lead role in Youth Channelisation Kolkata and Young Leaders Startup Mentoring Kolkata.

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Unique tale of BDG Philanthropy

Health Insurance Card
looking after the needs of budding artists

Bikram Dasgupta knows where it pinches to be alive for budding artists who are not paid high and regular salaries. What happens when they or any member of their family falls ill? To provide them health insurance benefits, he has floated the most comprehensive Health Card, called Broadway Health Card, benefitting already 100 artistes with a view to do more. It is the First 3rd Party Health Insurance Card of India which benefits thousands of technicians and young performing artistes for 6 persons per family, including their parents, spouses and kids.

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Supporting Folk Artistes
Taking care of 144 needy Baul families of Santiniketan

BDG Foundation has extended support to 144 Baul families of Santiniketan. These folk artistes have been living in penury, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown and lack of livelihood. This comes as an extension of BDG's support for the marginalized informal sector, who are facing an unprecedented economic crisis, due to the changed times.

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Supporting Old Age Homes
Specially Designed Kalyani COVID Fight Kit

Kalyani Foundation donated specially designed COVID Fight kits and medical kits to the old and needy of different Old Age Homes of West Bengal as part of our Elderly Care Programme. The residents of St Joseph's Old Age Home and Tollygunge Old Age Home were overwhelmed by our gesture. We stood by them during this Pandemic Crisis and wish to continue to support them to fight COVID-19. These residents have mostly been abandoned by their families, but they are part of a bigger family -- the BDG Foundation family. Stay Safe, Stay Strong!

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My Story

I Did It My Way…. Real Life Stories

Bikram Dasgupta has always done it his way. Instead of following others, he created stories through his real-life that can inspire a whole new generation to follow him. These are also tales that he himself experienced first-hand that had a deep impact on laying his foundation as an entrepreneur. He is now here to share those life’s lessons, his real-life stories that could help you frame your own unique stories.

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Inspiring the Youth

BDG Speaks

Bikram Dasgupta has been a mentor to thousands of youngsters who have waited to hear him out. He loves teaching, going back to classrooms, sharing his knowledge with the new kids on the block. For that’s how technology moves ahead, into a new world. His life since the days of IIT to turning into a global entrepreneur has been inspiring and stimulating, showing a direction to young entrepreneurs. Hear him speak…

BDG – the IT Leader

Bikram Dasgupta had sown the seeds of IT revolution in India, long before anyone had even dreamt of it. With the creation of the concept of Intelligent Buildings, he had defined way back in 1996, that ‘Offshore’ Software development was the future. He set up the first fully automated SMT or Surface Mount Technology plant of India at Okhla, that produced 10,000 motherboards for Dell. The $50m 100% export order for Computer Mother boards for DELL Computers, was the first of its kind in India. He had conceived, developed, delivered single handedly the entire set up of the Dell Factory. For BDG always had been a man of vision and could think of emerging and future trends of the IT Industry much in advance.

About Globsyn

Founder – Bikram Dasgupta

Bikram Dasgupta started Globsyn with a vision to make a difference for the youth in the IT Industry and show them the way forward. By then he had been the co-Founder of PCL, that went on to become one of the largest PC companies of India, competing with HCL and WIPRO. BDG took PCL to the public investors and it was oversubscribed 48 times! It had 44 Offices, 1600+ employees in 1984 and a Factory in Noida. Armed with this experience of running PCL, BDG started thinking of setting up a Company with a difference. Thus, Globsyn was born on principles of building Institution and Infrastructure (I&I model). Globsyn Finishing School, Globsyn Business School, Infinity and Globsyn Crystals ensured youngsters from colleges would get into GFS or GBS, for their training and work in a Company housed at Infinity. BDG’s baby Globsyn is today a successful international giant.

Author BDG

Putting thoughts to words

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    The Story Of A Middle Class Boy Whose Impatience Led To His Success

    Rupa Publications India, 2018

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    An Infotech Entrepreneur's Vision

    Global Synergies Limited, 1999

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    20 extra ordinary success stories of entrepreneurs from IIT Kharagpur

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    The Beer drinkers Association of Information Technology

    BAIT, 2017

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BDG & Media

Interviewed on several occasions by national and international media, Bikram Dasgupta has always shared his experiences that could be a learning lesson for all. Excerpts from the media coverages to give a peek into BDG’s work life and style.