A seagull’s life: fly, fly, fly………….

January 24, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

As one gets older, life becomes more and more interesting. More the life is unsettled, more exciting it is for me. Any settled life is a sign of stagnation of mediocracy and boredom. We tend to do the same things again and again and again. For me, when I came to Dubai in early September, I did not know for how long. When I passed 4 months, then the question of Visa, what kind of visa, duration of stay, NRI, all started to come up. Meanwhile, a restless guy like me, completed one serious investment, in a luxury restaurant, encompassing 22,000 square feet, 3 floors with Fine Dining, Lounge Bar and a Rooftop Evening Club. A new business completely dominated by our partner Chef Mohammed who started this restaurant with investors and we replaced the last one and took majority stake in it.

Now what? I started planning the future. I knew I would go back to India in April and then comeback to Dubai in September again. It was tough to conceive living in Kolkata for 6 months with elections, heat, rains around. So I came up with the idea of Bhutan. So, maybe if I go to Bhutan, in the peak of summer, to cool myself off, it will be a good break. So, Bhutan started getting added. Then we said, if we are doing that, why not open a subsidiary in Bhutan of our Tech business and also have a Training Centre. Now a new location with a new business is getting born. This is how we are. This is what we keep doing. The idea is very new. We will work on it from tomorrow and hopefully come out with something interesting. So, if we look at life in Dubai, Bhutan, India, divided almost equally for the year, do we have enough floating variety? Enough weather baiters? If not, we need to create variety within the system again. This is the Seagull’s life. Flying from one shore to the other, searching, discovering, developing and growing. A great life!

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