Bhutan:My self development journey

June 16, 2015 Published by Leave your thoughts

I have been planning to go to Bhutan for quite sometime,all by myself.This urge to go all by myself, has nothing to do with anyone, including my family. My family is everything to me. But over these past few years, I have developed this liking for solitude. I have really started enjoying being alone. I do not feel “lonely” when I am “alone”. On the contrary, I feel fully rejuvenated, happy,peaceful, and full of verve. So, when I started to go to Singapore from January’15,all by myself, every month, it was my beginning. But, in Singapore,I realised that there was this faint pull to bring me back to the mundane life I have led so far, for the last 30 odd years. I did not find that exciting. So, I went to the Buddha tooth relic temple, HawParVilla(Tiger Balm fame), and such places, the hot scorching Sun, notwithstanding, and tried to create that space for myself. But I was not really getting there, I felt. I did not know what?I did not know why?, but I still felt as I have always felt in my life “There is more to life”.

So,when my wife,Ranjana(Babli) went to Mayawati,with her Aunts and cousin, a long time desire of hers, I thought this could be my opportunity, as well. So, on the 4th.June 2015, I left for Bhutan. Absolutely open ended.Happy. Full of energy.Looking into the unknown, with a lot of hope to discover myself.

So these 4 days in Bhutan did exactly that to me.I was engaged with myself. Looking at the hills,driving through the hills, Dochula Pass, sitting by the River Banks, 169ft Buddha, Health Club, Swimming Pool, late breakfast,later Lunch,soup only for dinner, morning walks near the golf course,and finally, the 3 hour session with my Monk(guruji) Myank R Tulku, and really going through different aspects of Buddhism, relating them with myself, my views on them,understanding why and how these philosophies have become so powerful, what drives them, it was a fantastic trip in life to my deep soul.

I came back full of it, and even today, I am full of it. Last few days, I have broused a lot on it, and it seems my next destination, when the weather improves a bit, will be Bodh Gaya.There is so much of Buddha in Bodh Gaya,Nalanda, and the adjoining areas,that, I am doing some research now, and then work out my schedules. What am I getting out of these?

I have been able to look internally within myself.I can see where I am.I can find peace with myself,and my journey in life.So,I want to continue doing it,till I keep finding this joy.

I am intoxicated with this feeling now.
Love you all.

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