If you have authority in governance,be watchful

May 31, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Many times in our life’s journey,we meet people,whom we term as “bad losers”.In corporate life,if that happens,we simply try and avoid the person. But if we do not have an option,and have to face,confront,encounter such people in our social life regularly,then that creates a problem.More so,if that person is in a position of high authority,and governs what we may do in life,its almost impossible not to take a position.But perhaps here,COVID has taught all of us a lesson. It has told us,rich or poor,powerful or weak, mighty or small, no one repeat,no one, can escape the phenomena.If he is protected from such eventualities,because of the environment the power can create,then sometime,somewhere, it will even out.We have to be extremely cautious in dealing with people or service in our life,with a lot of compassion and understanding,these days,and continuously remember always,what happens or what we do to others,can fall upon us,always. God forbid,if this kind of behaviour leads to a revolt or an upsurge or a revolution of some measure,everyone will be wiped away,as we see that again through nature in the form of Amphan or more recently,Yeas,the deadly storms. When nature attacks you, you are undone.So, the level of tolerance to be exercised by the mortals in authority should be governed by this phenomena always.Because,we must realise,that the world at large,has reached a stage over several such small volcanoes and they are on the point of eruption. So,we have to handle with care our balances in life,whether they are emotions or passion,or anxiety,tension,arrogance,ego,etc.,deftly and with poise,and that will make us handle our social and political balances with care.
If we dont do that,then there will be an upsurge,either thru a tsunami,or high intensity storm,or,worse still thru a social mass revolution in the civil society. So,all the leaders that be,must exercise caution,and do what is expected of us as diligently as possible and maintain social harmony in these troubling times.

May God bless us all,and give us the courage and intelligence to deal with this complexity,as well as possible.

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