This cannot be the new normal

April 23, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Domination of political administration in our lives,perhaps was never felt by the society which I belong or belonged so far as I am feeling now.This seems to have crossed all limits of social,community,peaceful living.As money is flowing,from all kinds of ways,it is a myth,to ask for “reforms” in this space.The options available it seems if we dont like what is going on is :

-To Die
-Get into the hills never to come back again
-Live with sleeping tablets or equivalent
-Keep watching,what is happening around,and become a cynical expert

Its quite sad,there seems to be very little or no governance at all.Only election talk.Even a meeting to resolve the Oxygen cylinder issue,or, the Vaccine supply,seems to be a part of election campaign,and that is why it is losing focus,and no movement is happenning.Taking advantage of our so-called democracy,it is very easy to pass on the blame to many such Agencies,as it is easy to use such Agencies for the benefit of a political system.Everything has been divided on political lines.You vs.They, Me vs You. I am OK,You are not OK , syndromes.If you donot subscribe to any form of partisanship,then,the 5 options stated above,may have to be considered.

Where does all this lead us to ? After May 2nd.,there will be allignments.Again, the dominated by politics,for a while,and then,maybe,maybe, there will be some form of status quo.
If you do not agree with me,I will be very very happy to receive your thoughts and views,and even suggestions,if any,to change any course of action,but please do have an implementation plan for the same.
My next blog,as it appears,cannot be before May 2nd. So, I will be back with you,with my thoughts,then.
See you soon.Save yourself from Corona.Stay indoors,as much,without lockdown. Mask,Social distancing,and cleaning your hands,should be as basic as your morning chores.

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