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Friendships with Diversity

This time, we had a very special annual reunion for our select HBS OPM38 Adventure Group. Because we were to complete our first leg of commitment of meeting every year, in a new continent for the next 6 years and this was the 6th year.

AFRICA, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA and NORTH AMERICA, were the continents. Countries/States were Tanzania, India, Adelaide, Norway, Mexico and USA.

Congrats to all. In this span of 6 years, we have grown to be very close to one another, professionally, personally and family wise. We have also travelled the world together, seen and discovered things together, shared our rich heritage and culture together, why we do and why we don’t together and at this stage of our life, it has been wonderful to say the least.

Just imagine, till May 2007, I didn’t even know that I shall ever meet such wonderful people from different corners of the globe. And today, we are best of friends. Such is life. Let us hope this kind of friendship with mutual respect, love, care and fun will last forever. With some, with whom, I became closer, thank you so much for your care, share and wisdom and I wish to carry these through to the next part of my life.

We have decided to meet again in 2016 in Italy and take things up further.
Till then, all the best


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