The Big Picture decision

March 26, 2013 Published by Leave your thoughts

There comes a time in everyone’s life, when you have to take BIG decisions. It could be your education, marriage, job and even your life as a whole. With the kind of middle class family system we had at home, in my case, most of the time, I was left to take those decisions myself, all by myself. But never ever had I faced a situation like what I faced this time, as it was about my life, my future, my health, and my family, all rolled into one, into a single decision point. There were easy points available, with minimum interventions or the BIG Ticket available to take.

What makes you decide, on such major situations in life? How do you take such decisions, which can have very serious long-term impact on everything you have done so far, with no provocation to be so aggressive? When safer or emotional soft spot decisions are available, to carry on with your life as before, and wait for an accident or a compulsion to take such life changing decisions? Taking BIG ticket life changing decision in a preventive mode is what I went through recently. The impact of such decision on myself, my life, my family, my state of being, will have to be watched, but one thing is for sure. Having taken that decision, and gone through the process, I feel very strong within me, very relaxed and confident, as a person I am lot more happy to have been able to cross a huge self-actualization process within me. This is a great, great high for me. But at the same time, I am also confronted with the realities of the BIG ticket decision in the interim, which has social attributes. I need to overcome them.

Yet again, in my life, I am facing a situation of hope, and self-confidence to take me on to my journey, as I march ahead.

More on this, as things unfold.


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