Living in the clouds…..

May 28, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

The Law of Nature is taking us through very interesting times. I was just now speaking to a friend of mine in HongKong and he said all issues you read in the papers are man-made,though our life is the same and has not changed.In Bengal,we have Covid-19, Amphan, now stormy Heavy Rains, something or the other every day. We are also hearing Earthquakes in the near future as the water dries up,so the high floor guys, like us and Rahul, better be aware. More surprises in store for us.

What does this throw open in your life then ? To live with yourself.Solitude.As you do that,you will get some very interesting friends around you,like,soft Clouds,hills,mountains, all people who bring a certain amount of peace and spirituality around you. Here you must keep travelling with the two end of your life ,that is, –Spirituality-YOUR DESIRE TO KEEP TRAVELLING HIGH and Philanthropy-YOUR DESIRE TO GIVE.These 2 things will have minimum disturbance in your life and external environment will not bother you.The only thing,you have to be careful not to touch us,hopefully, is that, since this is a Spiritual journey,our journey has a lot to do with Soul. Once you start to work with your Soul,you must pray that your Soul,which is a transparent invisible fluid mass doesn’t get hurt.Soul is very Kind, Tender and Soft.Any hurt caused to the soul is dangerous,it will take a lot of time to recover.Try and see that doesn’t happen.Rest of the journey only enhances growth spiritually for you,as you keep giving to people who need you and your Spiritual life travels towards higher and higher plain,and you float among those beautiful inviting clouds and create your own space among them.

That direction is something you are seeking,that is ultimate for a mortal soul.This environment is facilitating this for you. You will slowly and surely be pulled in that direction.

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