Meditating at Bali

March 26, 2013 Published by Leave your thoughts

This was something I was waiting for. I have always experimented with myself. Always tried to discover and do things which I have never done in my life. It gives me a high. For quite some time now, I have been really wanting to spend more hours with myself. There was a certain kind of pull within me. But I was not getting there. So, last November, I went to Bangalore for a retreat in the Sri SriRaviShankar’s ashram — a 5-day basic course, as they call it. I was not pulled by anything. I was simply trying to know myself a little more. It was good.

I met Guruji, and he told me, do the Advanced course, and try and live in this environment more, if you want to. That’s all.

So, this time, when the opportunity came, I grabbed it.

We were in Bali for 6 days, for this advance meditation course. Out of the 6 days, 3 days, we were in total silence. That was mind boggling. This is something I did not know at all. My son, Romit, has spent 11 days in total solitude and in silence. My respect for him, went up, many times, after he did that. He also came back, a much cooler guy. But me, in total silence, not looking at anyone, not touching anyone, and just being in the environment with myself.

All through the day, there were many things to do, as a part of the course. They were all done together. 600 of began with yoga at 5.30am in the morning, and ended with Satsang, till 10pm in the night. During the course, you are totally involved in the process.

This whole experience was huge for me. There was a lot of serenity around. Lots of breathing exercises. The whole essence is to breathe in, that’s the first thing you do, after you are born, and breathe out, which is the last thing you will do. There are so many ways to conserve energy, and then deploy it meaningfully, so that, you are fresh all the time.

I met some very interesting people. All of them, were in a happy mood, relaxed. Surrendered themselves to the guru, and living a happy life, with minimum expectations from anyone.

The period in silence, initially was a little tough, but then, I did not need to talk. It was wonderful. So much of energy conserved. Felt good within. I did not even feel like talking, at all. it was so much better, to be in silence.

I really enjoyed this experience. I am happy I could do it. Given an opportunity, I will do it again. I was telling my son yesterday, that these days, I feel so much of inner peace. I am also doing half an hour of meditation every day and that keeps me cool, within myself, and energized for the day.

I am happy today.


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