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February 26, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

When you reach an age or time,when you believe,you have mostly successfully or otherwise,completed your journey in this life,what do you do then ?These are among many questions,I am struggling against to find answers to, these days.Having come to my son’s place,Dubai,about 6 months back,I have been thinking,whether I should make this place as my base going forward?Moment I think of that,several issues come to mind.If I start living in Dubai,then,my life,my story,my eco-system of 40+ years of my professional journey,my companies,my equity built over so many years,resulting to a position of eminence by me,etc.,etc., all will go away.Not to speak of my friends,my emotional relationships,my innovations,my projects,my business,my social life,et al.Why should I do that,at this stage of my life.Yes,it may give me a life style,an element of upmarket ambience,more than what I found in India, but is that all I need ? At times,it does become difficult to think thru,why on earth then,I want to move out of my mother land?Surely not for money,or,is it ? one doesnt seem to find a strong compelling reason.Then you start thinking,is there something in your own country,bothering you ?is there anything which makes you feel,that you want to be away,from all those dirty,nasty,environment,and live in an place,devoid of any such things?Cant you find a place,in your own motherland for that ?

I have always loved nature.As I travelled in my life,both internally and externally,I found getting pulled and attracted hugely,to nature’s travel path.There is no negative energy there,though soft clouds,do have to fight the blockades of hills and mountains,but they do it very gracefully.They  have shown me the way,how one can still travel and grow,even if they are obstructed.So,that drew me closer and closer to self discovery.That took me away from all the negative energies I have confronted with in my work life,as well as social life,and made me reach a comfort level,with my own true self.So,I continuously seek this comfort level,within me.Which is unobstrusive,yet opens up my brain cells,to think beyond life.Initially,when I started this journey,I did a mistake.Because of my emotional attachments,I wanted to take along with me a few,with whom,I intellectually related,and enjoyed company and shared my thoughts.That was not to happen.I had never anticipated that.So, when I was refused,I felt how can this happen ? This pull which I feel,is so strong and yet non obstrusive,why should anyone have a problem in this journey.But I was wrong.I stumbled,but did not fall.I picked myself up,and slowly re-started my journey,in the hope,that some day,things will change,and people will understand me better.

So,as you can see,the desire,the hunger and the journey is all within,and the mind accepts,compromises,or,is determined to find its route to travel.Its been beautiful so far.Its really not so important,where I live anymore,I am anyway living in the and with the clouds.Its a process of never ending self discovery,which I am going thru.Come and  join me ,if you wish to.


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