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June 7, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts


I was reading the Sunday morning Economic Times and came across an article on the IT Industry. The very industry where I have spent over 30+ years, and I thought to myself, though the word ‘Lock Up’ is not such a nice expression to carry on ‘Lockdown’ during Pandemic, it is worse specially for the IT industry. Such life-changing situations, like the Y2K, Financial Crash of 2008 and even the new digital phenomena has been hitting us through Cloud computing, mobile applications, for sometime now and so, the Covid-19 and its Work From Home (WFH) phenomena has multiplied our access and adoption of the digital world, in this social distancing, hand sanitizing new world of ours. Though I must tell you our Globsyn Group’s Technology Division, run by my son, Romit, had adopted WFH for some 3 years now.

One of the main reasons for doing so, was because he got graduate housewives who are smart and intelligent and could be deployed for his AI/ML offshore work. He felt such workforce has never been tapped before and this smart, efficient breed definitely led to higher yield. This time around, when the Lockdwn happened, he could with the help of his Team, transfer 1400+workstations on a WFH mode. Yesterday, I learnt that he is giving back some huge rented space he had taken to manage his growth as the work has shifted to WFH.

I give this example nearer to home, to tell you of what the young entrepreneurs of today, would be thinking and working on them. Education, the other area, we are involved in, most certainly will not be the same as before. The “blended” model is here to stay. Already re-orientation is happening everywhere. Virtual meetings, discussions, cultural events, business summits, digital payments — all are getting smarter by the hour. This phase of our lives, will encourage innovations. This time is Surely and Truly for smart youngsters. Youngsters even with street smartness, focusing on the gaps, getting created by our actions and decisions, creating lack of convenience, less efficient means of conducting our self and our work will have opportunities to innovate and provide new solutions. A huge time for Startups, Angel Funding and even Venture funding. Organisations might merge, might be taken over and also grow manifold.

As we open from our skewed Lockdown after 3 long months of passivity, the confusion on the roads/streets, shops, public places, malls, restaurants, will throw open, huge scope for innovation and new products and services will emerge. There is absolutely no denying that Infotech will play a major role, as always. So perhaps we are in for good times and as parents we must support, encourage our next generation to be innovative to succeed. I personally think, INNOVATION will continue to be the key for times to come.

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