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We have come a long way in Globsyn. Our first offering in 1996 was YSM. The Software Finishing School concept was brought into the business horizon by us.

People that time did not really understand what we were trying to do. I was totally clear.My mentor,Prof Bishwajit Nag told me, “you have picked up an area, which will keep you perpetually in business”.”Keep filling the gaps in the Education system,always”.

Thats what we have done by and large.Our Technology background, has simply helped us to use Technology liberally to make our delivery efficient and increased our reach to our consumers. It has also helped our students to learn better, in an Organised way. So, using Technology, we have delivered Education, Training and Skills development to our consumers.
Thats what we do.

To facilitate the above, we have built infrastructure, used that to hedge our fund requirements, built campuses,kept the engine running for our software services business and in the midst of all these, we acquired a software company which was listed, and sold off the listing after 5 years, and kept the main business of payment solutions in our Mumbai Office.

Then NSDC happenned. After 3 years of agony ,we suddenly had the STAR scheme. That changed the course of our life.We had all these years never seen volumes in any of our businesses. This time, it was real. Over 400+centers all over India, delivered over 30,000 qualified students, and we topped Banking&Finance nationally. A great achievement for a fledgling out fit.

Rahul led it admirably well. It was mainly his doing. Passionate,straightforward, committed,and high on energy. Reminded me of my young days,in PCL.


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