Lets prepare our villages thru’ protective COVID video training

May 9, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

We can quite easily pass this buck onto saying this is Covid wave2,and it has happenned in many countries,so we are no exception.Then we open the TV Sets,which normally do not show negative things of the Government,full of calamities,catastrophies etc.People dieing on the road,no Oxygen, no Hospital beds,no medicines,Docs over stressed, vaccine shortage,and these are all official news.Which means,what is not coming out in the media,is even more serious,grave and catastrophic.WHY IS THIS HAPPENNING ? Enough people have said enough things about it already,so I am not going to repeat it.But it is important to note,that we do need serious COVID Education,all over.In the Cities,Districts,Villages…..
We all know,and have communicated,that the 3 things we must all follow are :
What perhaps is not hit hard in the psyche of human beings,is the fact,what happens,if we tend to ignore them,or,not take them as seriously? What is the danger? This is where demonstrative training is perhaps necessary.If we pick up each of these cases,and demonstrate to our citizens enmass what happens when they do not follow these openly and transparently,then it may register.Let me give an example of demonstrative simulated training.

WEARING MASKS : The spread of the AIRBORNE virus COVID-19,comes from such people or environment,where these protections are not taken.We must show demonstratively,how the virus penetrates and enters thru our nose and mouth.Some demonstrative evidence in a theatrical way,but in detail needs to be shown,and explained how and why.Seeing is believing.
Once the danger of this virus entry and propagation can be shown without the mask,and then the same thing can be shown how the mask can protect you,from this human calamity,people may get aware. A combination of Medical Docs,Training organisation,and distribution companies,with the help of social organisations can develop these training programs on videos and show the enormousity of this issue,maybe,people will get more aware.

Same way,the other two protections like WASHING YOUR HANDS and SOCIAL DISTANCING can be demonstrated.
NGOs then should procure these Videos and show it in street corner meetings,village mandals,and the like, and try and reach large number of people.Every session the villages do,the NGOs must gift MASKS to the people listening to the video and also create central points where MASKS can be collected easily and freely by people,young and old.
Time has come for us to spread the protection elements thru training,both in Cities and in Villages.
Large NGOs should come forward and do this nationally,to millions of our citizens.
This is an aspect talked very little about,but I thought will be key to stop the virus spreading and creating havoc further.Education in a more generic way,is always a solution to the actions taken.
This is simple and can be done easily.

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