My life has just begun……….2019++

May 1, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

As I stayed home, and went thru Yoga and Physiotherapy, with occasional Doc visits, I had lots of time for myself, to think of taking a call in my life. Many people who know me very well, kept saying, don’t disengage your brain, you will go mad. My creative instincts, and core philanthropic mind started coming to the fore. I was also advicing Rahul /Romit on their business strategies, as they were very good operationally, and ensured that their PnLs were far more healthier than their Dad’s days. So, their focus was growth, profits, cash flow, and implement them. I remembered, that once one of my seniors had told me, if you wish to let go….JUST LET GO. I just did that.

My thoughts on Philanthropy started gaining huge momentum within me. The Informal Sector,and my love for Performing Arts,which I have participated amateurishly at home, from my childhood days, pushed me to evolve something but for youth. I noticed, the leaders of those theatre/dance/music groups had enough personal engagements to go by, when the market was as bad, but the youth did not have access to regular monthly earnings. At least, if there are rehearsals, they still get some money, but rehearsals without performance bookings? -a no,no. So, I started thinking, what can I do for them. My concept of “there is no end to innovation” took a detour, but did not leave me. I wanted to get a systemic solution, and not just put some money in their pockets, which will finish soon.Education & Health were two of the established areas, where systemic solutions can be thought of. I chose HEALTHCARE. I wanted to work on Healthcare, as I have been involved in Education for over 20+ years.But never had a chance to work on Healthcare. As you can see,living in the world of unknown fascinates me. It has nothing to do, of how much I know the subject, as long as I know, what I want to do with it. My research led me to comprehensive Health Insurance for the young artists/talents and their families. It will satisfy their “ego” positively, as they would provide healthcare for their families, as well. So, I put a team together to find out why no one has done this so far? Is such a thing possible? The answer was a quick “yes”, but with conditions. Also, for such segments,which is unpredictable, the Premium is going to be very high, and that the,which is paying for it, will not agree. These were the two degrees of difficulty, I was told . I started working.

After several rounds of negotiations and discussions, with the Insurance Companies, we struck a deal. A comprehensive Family Health Insurance, which included even OTC products(over the counter), never done before. But I told the insurance companies, “if you do OTC, I will increase your Yearly Premium. They agreed.Thus BROADWAY HEALTH was born, and 26 members with 156 beneficiaries were handed over this Card, to young Dancers, Theatre artists, bringing tears in their eyes. If you visit Calcutta Broadway site, you will see their emotions, it brought tears into all of our eyes. I realised it was tears of joy and happiness. So, a tangible offering from Calcutta Broadway was born.Before that,we had launched Calcutta Broadway, a path breaking new concept of bringing Performing Arts and Philanthropy together as a stated objective. I was very happy and intellectually and indicatively engaged again.Ever since, Calcutta Broadway has done several things,to promote the above, and has huge plans for the future.

Someone had said, that, “Bikram is nothing but a bundle of high positive energy.” So,as I was getting deep into this new open ended journey of mine, I was perhaps searching for something, I didnt know.Relating,engaging,sharing,developing, my innovations,my thoughts,has always been a need of mine.I had felt, this time I needed to sustain this,as this as a concept was very close to my heart. And, I found the energy to sustain,from within me. My unknown search maybe over so many years was over. It was hugely engaging, involving, stimulating, loving and focused. For once, I did not feel alone. I told myself, “Wow”, this is it.

This new found energy, coupled with my philanthropic thoughts of pure”giving”, and working on innovative thoughts, ideas, and living in the unknown world and keep discovering ourselves, was fascinating. I was carrying the energy from within into this dimensions through the clouds, overcoming the obstacles that were coming in the way, was exciting. So, the degree of difficulties were different from what I faced in business, but,this had no goals, so I was left to define the path and the destination as well and that to me was fascinating.

I have a lot to do, and I am very contended to have myself amongst the energies, and I want to live with it for life.

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