Transitioning to the next stage of life……..acceptance !!!

April 14, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

When creative people get older,they have a challenge.Singers,Artistes,Dancers,there demand go down, there body driven activity become challenging,and their mind gets strained.People who are creative thinkers,philosophers,visualisers, architects and intellectuals,feel lost unless they take refuge in spirituality.This everyone must realise are difficult times for them.If you have led a normal life,as in,going to office,work,then,retirement,its perhaps easier,as retirement comes as a package for the transition.But “thinkers” and “intellectuals”,have no retirement age,yet there mindspace becomes far more less specific and that is why spirituality becomes a clear option.Other options are even more dangerous and difficult,and at times leads to mental issues. Diseases like Dimentia,Alzeimer,and other such mind related diseases comes mostly to creative thinkers,who cannot manage their mind space.Spirituality,Meditation,and travelling within you,is hugely rewarding at times.Unfortunately,what one goes thru,is seldom understood by others who are younger in age and mind as they find it to be an aberation.So, what is a conclusive remedy ? Meditation,Sprirituality,for sure. Even engaging your mind into something you immensely enjoyed doing yourself in younger days,and wherein you got some success,some recognition from society, could give you some positive vibes,but you must be prepared to do some mental adjustments.Its ironic but true.The best of minds are trying to find their feet into areas of research and development to engage themselves into situations where mind gets stimulation.Accepting to become a vegetable or to lead a typical “reading newspapers”only,life is almost impossible.
Then doing things which you have always enjoyed,in some or shape,is the best possible answer,I can think of.Old age forces you to adjust yourself, in many ways.You ego,your feeling of being wronged,keeps creeping up. Try and stay away from all these.Touch your soul and meditate and see within yourself,you will see,you will find solace and peace within you.

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