My Vizag days

March 26, 2013 Published by Leave your thoughts

I have very fond memories of Vizag. That was where I almost started my first job. I say almost. As I did have one before that, not much to talk about, but IOL, Vizag, was the one which shaped me. I landed in Vizag with a trunk and a bedding, did not know anything about the place, all of 22 years of age, naive, innocent, not knowing much, and to discover, what I could do at work.

The language, Telegu, was like Greek to me. But I wanted to rent a place and went about seeing the places around my office. Very soon, I started my life, there. This was a very eventful period in my life. I was alone initially, then my mother joined me. My Dad was with my elder brother. Within 1 year, I borrowed Rs.2500, from my Dad, to buy a second hand Lambretta scooter, which used to start after 7 kicks and fail, very often. I also did not have enough money to buy, more than 2 liters of petrol at a time, so used to run out of petrol, very often.

I had a great boss. Mr. Balagopalan. I have learnt so much from him including, how you can be a perfect gentleman, and command respect. He was fairly young, and we together started our work in Vizag. I was given a company jeep to drive, and use. Within 3 years, it became quite easy to lead my life. I bought a mobile, this time a new one. Had lots of friends, boys and girls, attended lots of parties, did well at work, and life was on.

One of my close friends, Sohan, had a restaurant called Pink Elephant, and we used to all assemble at the restaurant in the evening, for our evening sessions. I had a khata system, that means, I pay monthly, after getting my salary, and the restaurant had a bar license. I used almost eat every day there. There was a Bong cook who used to cook for me, special dishes, and it was all great fun.

Then suddenly, I got a severe attack of Amoebeosis. I was 25 years old, that time. My parents came over, and the doctor said I needed timely home cooked food, no cigarettes, and alcohol, and a relaxed life. That was the time, it dawned on me, if this is where I have reached, in my life, I should consider getting married and settle down. No one, including my mother was prepared to accept that, I was open for an arranged marriage. They said, its fine, but who is the girl? Let us talk to her parents.

I told them, there are so many of them, that you will lose count, you might as well do it yourself, and get one for me. During that time, I had developed a relationship with Deepak, who used to sell Kusum Products in Andhra Pradesh, as an Area Manager. Deepak on one of his trips, brought his wife, Noton, along.

We hit it off, very well, as friends. Noton then started talking about getting a good girl for me, to marry. That is how things started, the rest is history. It is a very compelling period, so I would write it separately, some other time. But Vizag, with its beaches, friends, mobiles and bachelorhood, was a great period in my life.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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