Its been years…..

March 26, 2013 Published by Leave your thoughts

For such a long time, in my life, travel has become an integral part of me. I remember those days, in 1980s, when I used to take the first flight out, and the last flight in. There hasn’t so far been any time, when I have gone back home, from airport. Its always been office. In the HCL days, I remember, we had huge travel. When we started PCL, in 1987,I was sent to set up the Mumbai office. My kids were very small, those days. We used to live in CR Park, in Delhi. I used to leave for Mumbai by the 6am flight on Monday morning, and return to Delhi, by the 8pm flight on Friday evening, from Mumbai. Every week. I did that for about 18 months. Every time, I used to sit in the taxi at Nariman Point, to reach the airport, I used to tell myself, this time, I will most certainly miss the flight. But I never did. In the taxi, I always had colleagues, customers, partners, prospective candidates, to talk to, as I drove towards the airport. Never a dull moment. Very activity driven.

Suddenly, when I reached Chennai yesterday eve. from Mumbai, I was thinking about those days. Tomorrow, I have to catch a flight, with a departure time at 5.50am from Chennai to Kolkata, so that I do not miss out on my first meeting at Kolkata.

Life never seems to change.

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