Did human irresponsibility spread COVID-19 initially?

June 11, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Virus that struck developed nations instead of poor countries first!

One wonders, had the Covid-19 virus spread after originating from China into some poor or developing countries, would the massive community spread been the same as it happened in EU or USA?As per data, most of the earlier viruses came in through developing nations, poor countries and their occurrence was taken as a natural disaster, as epidemics and pandemics happen there regularly. But when it happened in countries like Italy, then onto France, Germany, then onto UK, USA and all over, the dimensions of spread was completely different. Did locals of these developed countries in Europe spread this virus, defying those three dangerous ‘Don’ts’ — social distancing, washing hands for 20+secs,wearing masks? That’s the moot point. If they had a bit of cold or cough and walked into a bar in the evening for a beer with friends and spread the virus inadvertently, then I must say it was a huge man-made catastrophe.

One theory doing the rounds is whether citizens of these developed countries had spread the virus by talking, ignoring, taking the pandemic lightly in the initial phase and then travelled round the worldasymptomatically! Remember those days of travel, when tourists went around in summer and probably could have spread the virus.

Or maybe that was not the case. I wish and pray, that it was not, but data still fails to scientifically say, why/how it spread through humans so rapidly? That is where, affluence, travel, get togethers, clubs, celebrations are coming into play. Maybe, there will be a day, when everything will open up, as the virus dies down and as we would then wait for the next pandemic to strike.

The hunger, desire, survival instincts of the virus to continue to survive are as strong as the humans, so ‘resistance’ to its entry in you, is the key to your survival. Hence decide what you will do? Be responsible!

Good Luck.


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