Life is a continuum

November 7, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

When you seem to have in the eyes of your well-wishers, achieved a lot and also successfully transitioned your business to your next generation happily and things keep moving on, then, what and how do you look ahead in life? How do you engage yourself meaningfully and continue to do things which engage you and you keep creating and developing? The motivation might at times be low and you start using words like ‘retirement’ etc. and get some kind of social acceptance of yourself. So, what do you do?

First of all, we must believe that LIFE is a continuum. It’s not a start to end journey for yourself. Though, for this generation which will still live few more years in the world, beyond you, you would have gone and dusted. But it’s very important to understand that your journey of life is continuing to develop, grow, add and turns more matured, with roles changing. Though the body becomes physically weak, our soul keeps moving with the same intensity. The easiest way to address this, is to keep doing what you were engaged in doing and creating in a more intense, deep way, so that your relevance of doing that work, keeps enhancing.

If it is difficult to understand, let me try and explain with my own creations. Recently we did an excellent new kind of Broadway program called Ma Ashbei from Calcutta Broadway. After that humungous effort, we needed to plan our direction to move ahead. While we do have my Dad’s (Late Sukamal Dasgupta) Baneer Beena, which is now available in all Music Channels, to be promoted to reach more people, who love post Rabindranath, Atul Prasad, Nazrul and similar quality of lyrics-dominated music/songs, to be promoted through Social Media, but when I looked ahead, to purge my creative intelligence more, I thought of opening a Music and Dance Learning Channel, specially for the not so privileged youngsters who cannot afford to go to a renowned learning academy.

Our channel will offer them similar quality of learning, by opening two windows, one for Music and the other for Dance available on CB (Calcutta Broadway) website for the needy talents to come and learn the same for free of cost or negligible that the huge talent can be promoted and given access to learning Music and Dance. Now to turn this idea to reality, I am aware of the importance technology will play, that would need to be licensed and developed, so that the student can simply walk in and learn the way he/she would like to go for learning in a physical environment. That is what needs to be built first. So, I have now set my mind onto getting this activated. So, I had a one hour session with my technology team and content team and briefed them what I want to do…………this is what I call as continuum.

Each one of us, who is reading this, will have such ‘continuum’ in their own areas. Keep adding value to the society and thereby to yourself, that will make you grow. Please think about it. If you have any queries, please feel free to write to me at, this is my new email id.

Keep thinking. Keep being creative. Keep developing yourself.


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