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Richard Bach’s influence on my lifee

Today is my 4th day in Bhutan. This trip brought revelations almost every day. It’s usual practice that we get used to the life we always live and also adjust to the life we aspire to have in future. Both of these happen to us often. It is just that, what you aspire, your source is checked once in a while. As long as your source point or intention is clear, you will meet your aspirations. But in the process of meeting those aspirations, you are made to go through a journey where in you know what your aspirations are, little knowing what all you have to face on your way. And if you do overcome them, the challenges, with a smile, then your next goal or milestones come easily to the forefront and become clearer to you.

Now coming to aspirations. What is their source? Many. But few of the things which has come to my notice and on my journey are a combination of one’s upbringing, immediate social environment, ability to keep pushing oneself, the hunger or desire to excel, to learn more, to make a difference (these are also at times directly related to one’s upbringing) and maybe a bit of external glamour like fame, glory, pride etc.

One more factor, perhaps plays a major role in aspiration. It did for me. Which is your innate purity. Your innocence and naivety. If you mix these with the above, your search factor in getting more out of your life turns into a balanced mix.

This so far is the Jonathan story.

Now coming to my personal inspiration in life. I have not met Richard Bach, the creator of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, but he doesn’t know, what he has done to me and many entrepreneurs like me, who grew up reading his book and got inspired. I have spread the book amongst many friends, Globsyn youngsters and students.

Now come to another character he created in the same book, which is where I am headed to. This character is called Chang. When Jonathan just about felt he has achieved virtually everything, he had to and started flying higher and higher, he met Chang, where Jonathan believed no one could have ever gone.

He asked him: ‘What are you doing here?’

Chang said: ‘I live here. For many years.’

So, Chang has a different, life and story from Jonathan. What is Chang’s story? Having achieved all what Jonathan had achieved and living in this space, alone for so many years! What does he do?

That’s where I wish to travel.
That’s for another day.


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