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Is surgery only a physical exercise?

My molar teeth, four of them, have been giving me problems since a few weeks. The toothache at times is unbearable. I remember, when I went to Boston last year to attend HBS Reunion, I could not go to the most important meeting from my Hotel Four Seasons, as I was writhing in pain. So, suddenly when my Dentist said, ‘You need to extract it, I felt, why not?’ I have always been pretty naive in life. That is also my strength, in its own place. I did not realise what this extraction for me meant specially when one extracts all the 4 molars at a go. It meant hospitalization and General Anesthesia. And the minute my ignorance about the procedure was taken over by facts, that’s where my problem started.

Three days after the extraction when I was released from the hospital, I was detected with a prostrate issue. So, I went from Belle Vue to Medica Hospital, where my urologist/nephrologist admitted me. Medica’s warm hospitality made me feel good and on 4th May 2016, I had a second surgery under General Anesthesia. All well, I was released on the 9th and returned home. For the next two weeks, I was at home, recovering, taking life easy and ‘thinking.’ That’s what I do when I get time, to keep my little grey cells active and running.

From 25th April through 9th.May, it was hospital time for me. For me these are periods in my life, which have always been very productive, as I keep searching unconsciously for connects to progress in life. When you do that, unknowingly, the connect happens and such connects rejuvenate me no end and all my verve comes back.

This time also perhaps is no exception. But only time will tell. I have now started getting back my energies. It’s funny, but it’s true.


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