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Taking myself and the people around me to the next level

Today, I have reached a stage in my life, wherein it is time to take stock of my past. It is time to look around me, look within me, and look by me, to see, where, what, how I can really enjoy my life from here on. Many a time in the past, I have tried telling myself, that I needed to do that but never got around to do that. When I went to the family farm house in San Francisco this time, among the rich and famous, I came across so many successful people, coming together to enjoy four days of bliss with something which they internally enjoyed but never could do in their busy life, like theatre, music, poker, cooking, wine making, enjoying together as a community. It felt good. I told myself, I have also not pursued theatre, debates, music which I enjoyed so much once upon a time, any stage performance, organising events, back-stage production work that I did hands on some day.

Though I must confess, that I have been able to pursue most of my personal joy, happiness, and pleasures through my work. God has been very kind to me, in giving me a platform in life, where I have pursued what I loved to do as mentioned above in various forms. One of the things which has kept pulling me always, is to make a difference in my immediate environment. A lot of people have told me that my office is beautiful. I seemed to have spent large amount of money, at times, disproportionately for the look and feel of this office. I have never ever understood why they say so. I have never looked at it that way. I have created my office, the way I would like my people to work. How can it be any different from what I would like it to be. That’s my immediate environment.

Giving back to society is another calling that draws me intensely. Whether it be education, women empowerment, helping the helpless, or assisting the lesser privileged to perform and get privileged — these are areas which create a strong internal pull within me. I have now decided that I shall focus my energy in that direction for the next 10 years.

Having impacted the youth and my immediate environment through intelligent buildings, finishing schools, corporate B School, entrepreneurship, Institute for family business, skill- development in multiple discipline and creating a high aspiration model over these last 16 years, I would focus on the roots of the society to assist through my own self capabilities, to build a more equitable and sustainable social fabric for people, to touch upon people’s lives.

‘Taking people to the next level’ and ‘Ordinary people can do extraordinary things’ have been the two credos, which have kept me hugely motivated all these years and provided sustainability to my existence.

That the ‘Journey never ends…’ will be the slogan to pursue in the coming years for me.


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