‘Listen’ to People

July 6, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

I have given a hearing to even minute details of conversations. Do you do the same?

Life takes many twists and turns along its journey. Every now and then we find sunshine on our tracks, or at times misty clouds enveloping our senses. But have you wondered if we give enough attention to each and every change, however silent they might be? Do we listen to all the inputs we get from our near and dear ones and act on them? Or, do we brush them aside, without realizing how important their feedback is, particularly for the person who was giving us that feedback.

Trust me, life turns a lot easier when we ‘listen’ to our near and dear ones. Once we practice that, understanding people who matter to us becomes easier and thereby the data within our own system get reflected through better decisions that we take. I have realised throughout my life, there have been events which appeared common, simple, unimportant. We did not give the required attention, that information demanded, or the person who was giving you that information. To him/her it is very important. In the process we failed to fill the gap between two person’s communication. It is only through understanding, that we build love and care. Being sensitive to some people you care for, or you think you care for, is quite critical to him/her. That itself solves or bridges a lot of gaps between people.

Similarly, you cannot ‘control’ love. How can you ‘control’ and ‘love’ at the same time? It’s a non-starter. The very essence of being in love, is, you don’t control the person you love. Only then the love blossoms. But more often than not, we try to exercise control, through our emotional bondings and need. It might work for a while, but it doesn’t last long. Thus, the basic objective is lost. That creates a psychological gap between the two and lasts forever, if not mended. This is sad, but true. So, the right, precise, direct communication between 2 persons, who care and love each other is a must, to reduce gaps between them. There are therapeutic solutions available. We take them, when the gap reaches a crescendo, but perhaps then it is too late. With the advent of Covid-19, these kind of psycho-therapeutic gaps can come up between 2 close people, related people, close friends. We need to be conscious about them and work on them. Only then will the sunshine and clouds meet at a certain plane.

Be ready for both Good Times and Bad Times.


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