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In Management jargons it was probably ‘disruptive’

Yes, there is a significant and major disconnect in Bengal polity. In our Management jargons, we perhaps would prefer calling it ‘disruptive’ or ‘discontinuity,’ where one doesn’t move in linear fashion, but has a significant discontinuity and reboot situation. That is what is happening with the advent of Mamata Banerjee in Bengal’s political leadership, through a clean sweep in electoral polls, wiping out the 34-year-rule of the Left Front government.

Some would say, they saw it coming. Some would say, it is the negative vote. But this time, as I witnessed the power of people closely, I realized how strong the voice of ‘aam janta’ could be. It was not the person’s track record, it was not the political acumen of the candidate, but it was sheer brutal expression of one’s will or freedom to bring about a change in the administration, to see, watch, develop, this new born discontinuity, which I am talking about.

So, who comes in? New faces, new names, no history, no proven track record, absolutely fresh, most of them completely ill at ease with the new environment, but enjoying every bit of this new born excitement. The leader talks about work, she talks about bringing Bengal back to its glory, she talks about performance to be the only barometer to measure success. She tells the police, professors, administration to treat everything on merit and promises huge changes in way of life.

Public who voted for her is happy. They are keen to see that she delivers and are enjoying this freshness. Bengal is in for interesting, active, stimulating times ahead.


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