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November 1, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

As we get into another phase of this pandemic, I am trying to look at Dubai and UAE, from a high floor building of 23 Marina’s 54th floor and looking at life ahead. My sons have come here. Both have running businesses, based out of India and now looking to expand it beyond India. There are structural exercises of our Businesses to be done, it is 24 years old and has run on natural momentum. Not anymore. That responsibility is mine. So, I first had a chat with my sons, Romit and Rahul, then my wife and then meeting Accountants, Lawyers and the like and trying to make an easy work a bit complex. As long as you go with the flow, nothing happens, no questions are asked, but the moment you try to put in some definitions, lots of issues come up and they need to be sorted. It is good, that I am sitting so many miles away from Kolkata and working on them. The only issue is my support staff is missing. I have been spoilt by them, which I call, as my way of doing things and today, I am doing most of the things myself.

But the good news is, except Janine (Rahul’s wife), the whole family is here with me. That’s a blessing for sure. Even if we find a bit of tension and hiccups, here and there, but the dusk settles down and we do have family fun. New home, new interiors, new set up, also make it lively. The place is pretty dull. People here basically either go to Clubs or Malls or indulge in some sport or go out to wine and dine. The weather is improving by the day.

My morning walks are regular. Then I have got into a routine of yoga, physiotherapy, morning tea etc. The entire work I do is in my head and through the brain. Memory is thus activated.

I am fine here and enjoying my life. Recently went to a Beach Resort near Ajman, at a place called Alzorah. Wonderful retreat.

This is my life in Dubai.


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