The New Normal in Human Relationships

December 20, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Our relationships will undoubtedly change post Covid-19. India will get affected quite significantly. Ever since our birth, when we were toddlers, from those days, the “warmth” signifies certain amount of touch, though not necessarily so. But most of our relationships develop through contacts — Face to face, hugs, shaking hands, close looks — something that we call ‘body language.’ Mind you, knowingly, and maybe unknowingly, we grow in our lives this way. So, unless you are a toddler today, who will be trained in a new way, most of us are victims of our so called “relationship” dynamics which hugely covers presence of the people in front of one another, over the years.

If we have not met someone, but have heard about him, we tend to say: ‘I don’t know him, but let’s go and meet him,’ as our first gesture. We don’t normally say: ‘I don’t know him, we can always send an email to him.’ In today’s world, contacts like Emails, WhatsApp, might establish a basic virtual contact, but it is normally followed by a quick meet, and then handshakes, hugs etc. But the three basic norms of Covid-19 protocols are: Clean your hands, Social distancing, Wearing masks. If this is the new normal, then, it is taking us away from our ‘normal’ relationship matrix. I am not even talking of expressing love, affection etc. I am still much behind all those. Just imagine, the new world order, makes us follow the Covid-19 protocols throughout our life, then what happens? Many reading this will say, ‘Oh, C’MON! this is only till vaccine comes.’ So, all of us, are always looking at these protocols, very temporarily. Just suppose, they are not. Even with vaccines, there are many stages. First, it should be available, then it should be distributed to the common man, we should be able to get it easily and all these are practically still a distant dream for the common man. Specially, for middle-aged people, but I want to ask a more fundamental question to all of you. Till the Covid-19 vaccines turn into something like a normal antibiotic, life will be different.

Can you cope with that life, as your new normal? Will virtual relationships, be as intense as contact relationships? Will the strength, intensity, bondage, love, care, change in new times? Shall we turn more ‘cold’ in human relationships? Suffice to say, will it have a permanent impact in our society, in terms of relationships? If not, well and good. But I do think, there is a space to think about it. I wanted to raise this issue, primarily for them, who love to grow, develop, diversify, mentored in life. Can they bring in the same growth and diversity in them, as before, without interactions or the hope to interact soon? THINK!!!


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