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February 2, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Both politically and socially,the world is seeing a massive shift in approach to Governance.Whether it is USA,UK,Russia,China or India,there is a particular Governance mechanism being used.At certain levels,if we find them to be same or similar,then its a sign of global order.Luckily for citizens like us,the response to this style of Governance is mixed and is giving varied signals.On one side,it is acknowledging that poiliticians is adopting to this style to create or develop their own base ,on the other side, we also see,the entire mechanism getting defeated,giving rise to a social challenge asking for reversal of these  methods.Nevertheless,what is concerning is, we cannot deny the upsurge of such dynamics happenning all over the world. The January 6th.episode in DC, is one example. Farmers Agitation in India,Brexit implementation in UK,are examples of these upheavals. As citizens, we have to now wait and watch to see the ramification of these dynamics taking shape in the world. Majority of these are keeping in mind the polarity of the electorate. This to some is, very disturbing.Our minds are getting attacked.Source of our independent thinking is getting attacked.We might also can be influenced with continuous bombarding of the same inputs. Like the “election being rigged” campaign in USA.  As far as I think,we need to keep ourselves,a few meters away from the noise,but sustained bombarding will have some impact.So, being Detached and Focused is key again.Also keep yourself away from noise,do what you love to do.Music is a huge healer.My only request is not to get carried away by this constant hammering from all parts of the world and get influenced by it.Your opinion should remain yours,even if they are the same.All this are just DATA to us,thats all. We can see with the emergence of vaccines a very strong diversion is anyway getting created positively.Which is good.But even there,you find certain amount of oneupmanship happenning in say,in Europe after Brexit, as the origin of the vaccine may or maynot be the same location as the distribution centre.

These are complex situations,but real issues. So, I urge my readers,to be vigilant globally,and make decisions based on data,and experience,rather than the media influence it is generating.

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