I Keep serving my clients: the Youth

March 26, 2013 Published by Leave your thoughts

When I went to Harvard at this ripe age in 2007, there was something which was bothering me. It was the ability to govern a complex organization which is growing. There were so many gaps in me, which needed to be bridged. My wife also reminded me one day, “Who do you learn from every day? Everyone seems to be looking up at you to learn.” That’s when I decided, I must discover more learning for myself, and went to Harvard Business School. Sat in a classroom for 3 years, going back every year, till my graduation from such a prestigious Institution. Learning is a personal thing. Statistics say, adults don’t learn, unless they want to. They cannot be taught.

Over the last 4 years since I am back, and more so, after my surgical fixing in Cleveland Clinic last year, I am much transformed. But one thing keeps egging me. The relentless pursuit of opportunities. I don’t know why, but I get excited whenever an opportunity hits me. My wife keeps complaining: ‘Why do you need to do more. There is so much on your plate today. Why don’t you do what you are doing today, better.’

But I never think that way. Not doing my job well, has never occurred to me. I also do not pursue opportunities, because of that. I pursue the unknown and what excites me is the risk, the newness, the adventure and making a business success of all opportunities I undertake, is my benchmark. I have recently structured my businesses. I now have my sons getting into it, bringing in fresh thinking and fresh areas of work. So, now we are into Retail, Food, Healthcare, etc. as fulfilment of the people I am serving from the time they studied Engineering and went to my Software Finishing School, then worked in Infinity/Crystals, my intelligent building complexes, developed Software (Globsyn Infotech), looked at Management education (Business School) and then skills development (Globsyn Skills) for non-computer science guys and different industry segments and now, looking at their personal needs in retail, food and health care (Globsyn Innoventure)

Am I doing too many things? I don’t think so. I am still at serving my same clients from 1996. The youth. I will continue to do that, as my core businesses also keep growing. Its interesting, isn’t it? That is what keeps me going. That is why, I told my son Romit when he asked me what should be the vision statement of the new company he is driving, INNOVENTURES. I told him, “developing new ideas about new ideas.”

That’s what would take us to next several years.


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