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March 26, 2013 Published by Leave your thoughts

People like you do business with internal contradictions. Which is one of the reasons, many of us do not build a large organization unlike Reliance or Infosys. Different approaches, but both hugely successful. One works on clearing the blocks to grow and the other took some quick right decisions to grow laterally, through IPOs, ADR, GDRs, etc. and then use that money wisely, with astute man management.

For many of us, pursuing our passion takes a lot out of us and at times become over encompassing to grow laterally. As a result, it could be a snake and ladder game all the time for us, but we are on course, on our passion of what we wanted to do. Doing that individually is different from doing it Institutionally.

One such opportunity came on a platter to me in October 2011, when through a contact, I met officials of NSDC, who were pursuing a huge dream of making India skilled. This has been a major influence in my own life, my own growth, and I have seen over the years, how an youngster benefits through structured skilled training and becomes a performing individual in the corporate world. I was very driven by this. Till then, I have focused on skills on Technology and Management, which to me has always been two sides of the same coin. Now I saw an opportunity to pursue my passion of contributing to make a Skilled India, by taking up this exercise through Skilling for employ-ability as my credo.

When over the last 15 years, we have taken students from Tier2 or Tier 3 Engineering colleges, and through our propriety software framework product Knowledge Finishing School (KFS), converted them to strong entry level engineers for the software industry, I have seen the difference we have been able to bring into the lives of over 75,000 youngsters. A happy smile on their and their parents’ faces have also been very satisfying. Now, I was dreaming of doing that to 1 million people in 10 years from 21 Industry segments, if we have the will, and what a mind boggling experience that would be!

So, Globsyn Skills got formed with NSDC as our JV partner, with equity and seat in the board. We went on to start hiring and put the plan in place. It was sheer excitement for all of us at Globsyn. We have another 20 years of work to do now. We have finally given shape to the first “not ONLY for profit” enterprise perhaps.

But how, do we go about spreading this concept and to effect millions of people?

That’s my next blog. Stay tuned.


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