Life in Dubai

October 13, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts
On September 2nd'2020 we finally made our family trip to Dubai,where our son,Romit(Sunny) lives. From then, it has been a completely different life for all of us.Life is almost normal here.You can socialise,go to Malls,attend Meetings,go to Office,all strictly following the norms that be. Mask,distancing,cleaning hands,etc. It is heartening to see ,everyone,and I repe... Learn More

Globalisation of a Tech Family Business

September 15, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts
In 1998, 2 years after I started Globsyn Technologies,my first Company in the Globsyn Group,I set up the USA Subsidiary called Globsyn Technologies Inc,wholly owned.It was a very small start.But I was always keen that I had to do it the proper way.My sons had just joined UnderGrad that year,in Syracuse University, so I rented an Office in Plainsboro,New Jersy,and star... Learn More

MY DAD and ME …………..

August 29, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts
  I remember my Dad as a stickler of right and wrong,discipline,and very clean ,willing to do anything to protest against any wrong doings,and also an able Administrator.He retired as Joint Secretary, CSIR,Ministry of Science and Technology,Government of India.He actually had been one of the early employees of CSIR,when it was formed by the Govt.of India,in 1943... Learn More

Enjoy Self Development of your own self

August 22, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts
For the last almost 6 months,many of us are facing this Covid-19 onslaught at different levels. After the announcements by the Governments ,both Central and State,we were all trying to understand,and fall into a pattern of living with Covid,avoid infections,take necessary precautions,at times ignoring them,mostly because of lack of understanding of the whole situatio... Learn More

Create a healthy Mind-Body balance……

August 17, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts
My learning continues. I was thinking the other day, why the retirement age was fixed at 58 years,and later to 60 years? Because,I felt,you can still be agile and active to work at that age.Then I started looking at our families. Particularly, the housewives. They do the most difficult engaging work to manage home,grow the children,and also participate,in intricate de... Learn More


August 6, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Yet we are building a new form of sanity

In our life so far, we are governed by certain norms and governance rules which is prevalent in society, and our parents/guardians direct us as they have seen through their earlier generations and so on. We do claim however in recent times, that we are very open, liberal, free with our fam... Learn More

BDG Foundation website launched…

July 20, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts launched...

Today,July20,2020, is an all important day in the lives of my close team, Saheli,Sharon, Dhananjay,Prasanta,Shabbir,Arunava,Tania,who have worked diligently, long hours,with a total dedication and focus,to bring about 37 years of my work life, digitally to my audience: corporates, students, IT Professionals, young aspir... Learn More