How different is DIFFERENT ?

June 12, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts
In business,changes happen every 7/10 years,they can be termed "incremental".But when in a family business,patriarch takes a back seat,and allows his sons to run the business he has started from scratch,exactly the same way as he did,he must be living in a fool's paradise.So, it will change.A few things get most affected, as changes appear, one of them is People Manag...Learn More

If you have authority in governance,be watchful

May 31, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts
Many times in our life's journey,we meet people,whom we term as "bad losers".In corporate life,if that happens,we simply try and avoid the person. But if we do not have an option,and have to face,confront,encounter such people in our social life regularly,then that creates a problem.More so,if that person is in a position of high authority,and governs what we may do i...Learn More

We will remember this Bengal election :2021

May 9, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts
What an election !! When I left Kolkata to be with my son in Dubai,it was September'20.Bengal elections were clear 8 months away,but we could feel the buzz in the air.There was a clear indication that a storm will happen,and Bengal maybe swept away.In the subsequent months,I watched with great interest how things started hotting up.Many TMC people leaving the pa...Learn More

Lets prepare our villages thru’ protective COVID video training

May 9, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts
We can quite easily pass this buck onto saying this is Covid wave2,and it has happenned in many countries,so we are no exception.Then we open the TV Sets,which normally do not show negative things of the Government,full of calamities,catastrophies etc.People dieing on the road,no Oxygen, no Hospital beds,no medicines,Docs over stressed, vaccine shortage,and these are ...Learn More

Good Bye,my friend, Rana……………

April 28, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts
25th April'21,Sunday, will always remain a key day in my life.On this day,I lost my life long friend of 46 years, Deepak Ranjan Gupta(Rana),being attacked by COVID.We met in Vizag in the 1970s when he used to come on behalf of his company M/s Kusum Products from Kolkata.We met thru a common friend,Arun, and then it was chemistry.We became such good friends,that Rana(D...Learn More

This cannot be the new normal

April 23, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts
Domination of political administration in our lives,perhaps was never felt by the society which I belong or belonged so far as I am feeling now.This seems to have crossed all limits of social,community,peaceful living.As money is flowing,from all kinds of ways,it is a myth,to ask for "reforms" in this space.The options available it seems if we dont like what is going ...Learn More

Transitioning to the next stage of life……..acceptance !!!

April 14, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts
When creative people get older,they have a challenge.Singers,Artistes,Dancers,there demand go down, there body driven activity become challenging,and their mind gets strained.People who are creative thinkers,philosophers,visualisers, architects and intellectuals,feel lost unless they take refuge in spirituality.This everyone must realise are difficult times for them.I...Learn More